Discover our history, our values, and the reasons that push us to create new models so that men can feel like themselves in premium quality socks and accessories, based on know-how made in France.

Our history

The Eirene brand was born from a desire to highlight men through accessories. These accessories are the detail that makes all the difference and finishes off an outfit. Being trendy by creating your own style is what Eirene offers with quality socks and cufflinks designed and manufactured with French know-how. With a suit or jeans, with loafers or tennis shoes, subtly reveal your mood and your personality.

Eirene in ancient Greek [Εἰρήνη / Eirếnê] means peace.

Wearing Eirene cufflinks and socks means being in tune with yourself.

Our values

We make it a point of honor to have our products manufactured in France and thus support local employment. French know-how in textiles is part of our heritage. He is known and recognized. Made from numerous quality yarns and a tight weave, cotton socks are thick and provide softness and comfort. Fine and resistant, the socks in lisle thread (mercerized cotton thread) are soft and retain perspiration. They fit the foot perfectly thanks to their elasticity.

Discover all of our accessories in the store, and find the piece that will highlight your personality today.