My socks, My style.

The sock no longer wants to go unnoticed. Today, we want to show off our most beautiful pair. Bye bye the classic white sock and make way for color.

So, how do you choose the right socks? How to wear them with style and elegance?

In your look, every detail counts and the choice of socks can make all the difference. The patterns and color will add originality to your outfit. Your sock follows you everywhere and adapts to your daily life, at work, at home, during your outings, this traveling companion reflects your mood of the day.

We generally dress according to our desires, so why not have fun matching the color of your socks to the color of your jacket, your shirt, or even your belt?

Colorful socks are possible and in any season.

Indeed, the "rule" would be that the men's sock should be the same color as the shoe, or the same color as the pants, give or take a few shades. However, in order to stand out and impose your style, you can possibly make a color reminder or simply let yourself be guided by your desire of the moment.

It's all in the detail , for example if you wear a yellow pocket square, the color of your socks can be the same color.

You can customize a navy suit with burgundy socks or add a quirky touch to a gray ensemble with dark green socks.

Treat yourself!

This accessory is very trendy today, because it adds color and madness to your often very classic work outfit. You can therefore easily create your own style and impress with it.

Here, the sock blends with the color of the suit, creating a harmonious whole.

Photo: @Sr.king_dapper

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