Received idea: we don't wear socks in summer!

Today, we wanted to talk to you about a common misconception that says: “you don't wear socks in summer”.

Well, make no mistake, the sock is indeed a summer accessory.

1. We tell you why socks are essential in summer

Not only are socks a seasonal accessory, but what's more, they are a summer essential. Indeed, when temperatures are high, contrary to popular belief, socks can absorb perspiration and prevent heat from evaporating through the feet.

In certain professions where the dress code is strict, it is inconceivable to wear shoes or even derbies without a pair of socks, even in summer. These not only protect the feet, but also the shoes themselves.

With a casual or even street-wear style, it is also very rare to wear sneakers or tennis shoes without socks, which again are perfectly suited to the summer period.

2. Add color to your feet

Summer is the season for colorful socks AND colorful socks are always a good idea. It's time to bring sunshine to strict outfits and classic outfits.

If you have to wear a white shirt, colorful socks are ideal for adding pep to your outfit with black pants, jeans and leather shoes. For a more classic look, you can wear them with a black polo shirt, a blue shirt and dark blue jeans.

Summer is not over and with this hot weather, it's time to go shopping for and buy your trendy socks.

Several criteria must be taken into consideration before your purchase: the cut and the material in particular because it must be comfortable and pleasant to wear.

3. Which pairs of socks to choose?

The basic rule is to choose quality socks all year round, but this rule applies even more in summer.

So which material to choose? Scottish thread is ideal for keeping your feet cool and dry. Designed to evacuate odors and absorb moisture with its synthetic fibers, this material ensures optimal comfort and hygiene.

If wearing socks is not an option for you, then the alternative to discreetly protecting your feet is to wear ankle socks.

Why not take out your phone to take some cool photos and send them to your friends, family and colleagues to share your best looks with Eirene socks? We would also love to receive your looks with your favorite socks from our collection.

Model photo: Judy Moden - @jscored

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